Three Reasons I’m Posting My Ash Wednesday Selfie

Yeah, you read it right. USA Today posted an article that spotlights two religious publications asking to send in these special selfies.

As I read through it, I felt almost disgusted, like why people would stoop so low to even think about such a thing in church. But then, I thought like a progressive person would and changed my mind. So here they are, my three reasons why I’m pro Ash Wednesday Selfies.

  1. We live in 2014!

Let’s be real here. God’s followers did not post these selfies on Facebook, Instagram, or the like back in the day. Why, you may ask? If I were to guess, I’d say it’s because…hmm… they didn’t exist.

In our generation, we have taken on social media and technology full force. My iPhone never leaves my sight and I can find the refresh feed button without looking at the screen. Technology has turned into our favorite and frequent form of communication. As awkward as it is to admit, I would say that I spend more time talking to people online than in person.

  1. Can you say evangelism?
  2. Accountability for the win!Image

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