You Are Perfect

“As for God, his way is perfect”

~Psalm 18:30a

As we know that being a Christian is a journey, we spend our time seeking the areas of our lives in which we can do better at. We set goals and ask God for guidance on how to grow closer to him. Day after day, our minds are filled with ways we can improve and be a better disciple.

Though this is not a bad thing, we need to take time once in a while to remember how loved we are.

You. You have been chosen by God, the creator of all things, to live out his dream and his reality in the world. You have been created with the purpose of using your passion to change and inspire the world. Your gifts have been hand selected by our Lord, and your steps have been carved out for you. You have been given the privilege to hear from Him whenever you choose.

That is how loved you are.

So, as you move in a direction of obedience to become deeper in relationship to the one who made you, remember how he feels about you.

You are Perfect.

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