Wide Awake

Tonight is one of those nights (well, mornings technically) that I know I need to sleep, but I just can’t fall asleep. You know the feeling. Toss and turn for hours, continuously thinking about things that need to be accomplished the next day, or imagining big hopes and dreams for your future. No matter how long this happens though, sleep will not happen, because you are distracted by other things.

Sometimes, actually more often than I care to admit, my walk with God feels like this. I know I need to spend time with him, and desperately want to spend time with him. Yet, as I am constantly thinking about how much I need and want that time, other things cloud my mind and hinder me from that time.

We need to intentionally decide that the time we spend with God is more important than our day to day events and situations. Just as we need to shut off our mind to fall asleep, we must focus on God, and only God, in order to get the fulfillment he has to offer us.
Happy sleeping 🙂

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