Genesis 3:19 says, “for dust you are and to dust you will return”.

If you attend an Ash Wednesday service, your pastor will likely repeat something similar to this. It’s Ash Wednesday, guys; the beginning of the Lenten season!

Get excited!

It’s a time for new beginnings, new ideas, and maybe even some new lifestyles.

My bet is that I’ll see around ten Facebook statuses or more, explaining what my friends are giving up or adding for Lent. In fact, I’ve already seen three, and it’s barely 9am. I might as well jump on the band wagon, and announce it to the world- or at least the small world of those who read this post. (Thanks, whoever you are).

As you can see, today is day one of Lent, but also of my blog postings for the next forty days. As part of the UMC Lent Madness Authors, I will be taking part in a blog, using the 2015 Lent Photo-A-Day Challenge, which you’ll see below. Each of us ten-ish bloggers will be taking turns posting to the blog on the corresponding word. After having a little chat with my bestie God, we decided that I should be posting every day, not just the six or seven I’m assigned to on the group blog. So, here we are.

Though I don’t have much spiritual brilliance or anything on the word “announce”, it makes me really excited. As I’m seeing all the aforementioned “here’s what I’m giving up/adding posts”, I’m really encouraged.

Some people think it’s lame to share these things, or that it should be kept to oneself, or that the things people are choosing aren’t valid, but to that I say, who cares. To make this commitment in the first place, with the intent of getting closer to God, in mind, body, or spirit, is amazing. On top of that, to announce it, giving oneself that extra push from those around them to keep on keeping on, is great! Accountability for the win.

For the same reason we don’t wipe off the ashes from our forehead after the service ends, we should not go out of our ways to hide such a big part of our life. Especially for us frequenting social media to tell about our daily adventures, there’s no reason to keep this part quiet.

So this is where I’m at, just like all of you- the beginning. Whether you decided to add time with God to your daily life, cut out your favorite junk food, or quit skydiving for the 30th year in a row, thank you. I pray that we can go through this season together, encouraging and blessing one another throughout.

Oh, and don’t forget to post your Ash Wednesday selfie. It’s a must these days.


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