Today, we live in a world where we have constant interaction with people. We work in offices where coworkers are five feet away from us, we have to communicate with people across the world to get things accomplished, and of course, social media allows, or maybe manipulates us into constantly staring at our phones to see what’s going on in our circles of friends.

As I’m wrapping up my workout for the morning by cooling down on the treadmill and typing this post, I can’t help but think I’m the only one who feels this way.

I personally see God in a lot of people. I see Him in my family, in my amazing friends, and in random things people do for one another. Those are the times I feel great about the interactions I have with those people, because I clearly see that positive outcome of the relationship God and I are part of.

The hard times, however, is when I am alone. In the car on the way to the gym, doing mindless tasks, or trying to fall asleep; those are the times when it’s just God and I. He sees me for me, not for how others affect me or how I’m choosing to communicate. Rather, all those thoughts and fears and hopes are right in front of the both of us. They may be the hardest times I spend with God, but they certainly are the most meaningful as well.

When we are alone with God, conscious or not, the transparency between us creates for a spiritual moment, one unlike any other. We hear about people in love who say they can simply be themselves, and the other person loves them just for that. That’s what it’s like with God. I feel the most loved by God when I’m just-there. There’s no need to put on makeup or fake a conversation like I’m all together or worry free.

Jesus says “come as you are”, and we can. Today, I encourage you to be alone, to let God in, and to recognize that there’s nothing else you can do or say or understand that would make God love you any more or any less. For His unconditional love holds true through it all.

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