Covenant-noun; a binding agreement, contract

The word covenant takes me back to camp at Birchwood. At the start of every week, campers gather to develop a set of rules that they agree to follow throughout their time there. They’d write down rules on a giant piece of paper, then hang it up and have each camper or staff member sign it. That signature was their way of making an agreement to those around them that they would do what they can to be a positive asset to camp.

Covenants are talked about in the Bible, too. God forms covenants with us, and has been doing so for a long time. In the story of Noah’s Ark,  God promises us that he will never again destroy people of Earth by flood. The rainbow after the flood is the way God signifies that promise, that covenant. Another covenant we may recognize is the New Covenant. When taking communion, we hear the phrase “birth of the new covenant” as a part of the liturgy. It’s an agreement that we have which binds the body and blood of Christ to us.

Now, these are a couple big covenants. I mean, God not flooding the earth again is pretty major. One pretty cool thing to realize though, is that we have ordinary, everyday covenants as well. When we are in relationship with God, that’s a covenant. It’s an agreement, whether spoken or unspoken, that God’s going to be there for us always, no questions ask. It’s a pretty beautiful thing if you ask me. We can show up, flaws and imperfections visible, and just be with God. God promises that this isn’t going to change, and that we don’t have to be perfect to be in his perfect presence. That’s pretty amazing.

I’m challenging myself, and would challenge you as well, to be aware of those covenants we have with God. In doing so, I think we will see, even more, the awe and the brilliance of the God who created us and the God who loves us.

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