Posted originally on the UMC Lent Madness blog.

Each of us has our own special path in life. Whether it is something we know already, or are still waiting to learn, it’s there. Some of us have paths that are more direct, like to be a certain occupation, or to share life with a specific person. For others, this path can be more broad, like making it another day.

No matter what path you are on, it’s important to remain open for God to work while you walk.

If God worked in a way of simplicity and directness, life would be much easier to understand. Like a Magic 8 Ball, we could simply ask God a question, and see our yes or no answer immediately. “God, should I go to school here?” “My sources say no”, God says. “How about here then?” God answers, “yes”. Problem solved, done. Wouldn’t this be a nice way to communicate with God?

Despite my knowledge of Sunday school answers, I can honestly say that a part of me would say yes, this would be a nice way to communicate with God. To be confident that what I wanted to know at that minute in time would be presented to me, clearly and simply, it sounds awesome. However, in God working this way, I know that I would fail to see the magic of His plan for me. I know that I would take for granted (even more than I already do) the things I have and the opportunities I am granted. Most importantly, I know that my relationship with God would not be nearly as special.

In talking about “the path”, here are some things I plan to keep in my mind to allow myself to appreciate it fully.

  • Look at the path as a windy and hilly one, versus a straight line type path. This path, filled with hills and turns, symbolizes a path where we can’t always see what’s ahead. Sometimes we just have to walk further and trust that what’s at the end is good. In a straight path, we see the end, and there’s no mystery in the journey. We’ve already learned that this is not the way God works. We need to learn to be okay with not seeing the finish line, or not knowing all the answers.
  • Trust that, even in the low points, you have not reached the end of your path. If something lame or disheartening or challenging happens in your life, know that it’s not the end of the world. Know that God is still working. You may not know it now, but there’s a rainbow up ahead, a covenant from God, letting you know that it’s going to be okay. Keep walking, and know that it is worth the journey.
  • Walking the path means you can eat more chocolate later! Sorry I’m a chocolate fanatic, but for real. In the same ways that we exercise to burn calories, so we can eat something delicious, we travel through life, facing hardships and challenges, to get to the exciting plans God has for us. So work hard, sweat hard, and maybe do some lunges if you get bored on the way there. (Because lunges give you nice legs, and who doesn’t want that?)

God, help us today, and all days, to consciously appreciate the path we have been given. Through days where we just want to give up, help us to remember that the end is worth so much more than we could ever imagine. Help us get over the hills with the strength you give us, each and every day. Amen.

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