Too bad it’s not a Thursday, right? “Remember” is a perfect #tbt, so, just come back and read this again tomorrow.

Now, since I’m basically a college grad and all, I decided to do a little photo remembering from the past four academic years of my crazy life.


college1 college2

Welcome to Bulldog Country, the sign read as I entered Dillon, Montana on that hot, August day. My mother and I arrived, rental car full of Bed, Bath, and Beyond materials to make my new dorm room ready to go. My freshman year of college was a whirlwind of new.

Here are some stand out moments…

  • When my mother embarrassed me for the last time by making some football players carry my heavy belongings up three stories of stairs
  • Sitting on my laptop with my door open, waiting for my new friends to magically appear
  • Finding my first friends through orientation, and bonding on my floor– One of these first friends is still one of my closest today!
  • Learning to play rugby
  • Road trips, late night alfredo sauce pizza, and early afternoon Chinese buffets
  • Chi Alpha, and meeting the many individuals who made me even crazier for God
  • Being invited by my mentor/ now best friend to read little kid books with her in the library
  • Going to Salem, Oregon to bond with my teammates and serve Jesus too


college3 college4

  • Beginning my job as a Resident Assistant; a decision that changed my life and gave me a second family to be around
  • Taking a leadership role at Chi Alpha
  • Baking with Shannon and Erin
  • Another fantastic Spring Break trip to Salem
  • Teaching up a storm



  • Being given the opportunity, for a second year, to lead orientation and help Freshmen through their first year of college
  • Building on the family I received last year
  • Football games
  • Working out with Delanie
  • Exploration in Denver
  • Chi Alpha spa night
  • Tutoring college kids


college7 college8

  • Getting to be the “oldie” of the Residence Life staff
  • Sharing a floor with a co-RA, a humbling and fun experience (Not to mention, he’s my brother)
  • Becoming besties with Baby Switzer and Shelby, and learning from them like crazy
  • Yoga
  • The NYC and Yankee Stadium and Boston University trip with my father
  • When Great Harvest was giving out free stuff
  • Making ugly sweaters with Shelby
  • Resident gifts with Shelby and Niquelle

So now, as I’m making some basically big decisions about where to go next, it’s nice to remember what has come before. I encourage you to take a moment and do the same. No matter if you are in a new season of life, or at the end of one, keep in mind the things that have happened that allow you to be who you are today, in this moment.

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