Originally posted from the UMC Lent Madness blog.

Waiting is hard.

I think I’m done. That’s all I need to write, because seriously, I don’t have to convince anyone of that.

It’s horrible and annoying and nothing good comes from it. #truthtalk

If my communication skills are really that bad and you still aren’t convinced though, let me tell you a story. Grab your popcorn, or strong coffee, and read on.

Once upon a time, in a magical kingdom called Seattle, Washington, there lived a sassy princess. One day, she was minding her own business, reading about other people’s wonderful lives on Facebook when she came across a posting from Rachel Held Evans, a favorite blogger of the princess! Rachel was posting to announce that she’d be looking for people to read and review her book before it came out. The princess was so excited, she had to apply for it.

Let’s put a pause on this and be real, folks. Life isn’t a fairy tale. I’m the princess. Me, Bailey. Embrace it. Fear it. Love it. Ready to continue? Good.

So, I had just applied for the awesome pre-release reading experience, so of course, I had to stalk her blog a little more. It brought me to a list of her past books. One, A Year of Biblical Womanhood, drew my attention. I read a little bit about it, and made the quick decision to go on Amazon and click order, before I gave it any more thought. The confirmation email came in, and I saw the dreaded, open-ended phrase of “estimated delivery date”. Kill me now.

So what what I to do? Obviously, I went to the preview section and started reading. Just as I would get intrigued by a section, it would take me to the start of the next chapter, until I got to the references at the end of the book. Lame. My last move was to read the reviews, hoping to squeeze some more juice from the fruits of undelivered Rachel Held Evans books. This experience was like cheap Valentine’s Day chocolate; still good, not not like the real thing at all.

Friends, please don’t ask me about the Rachel book until March 3-6. Thanks. **

To put it lightly, I don’t think waiting is desirable in my current state of life. Even for something so silly as a book, I want it now. (Cue Veruca Salt video.) But God makes us wait. He makes us wait because He knows that waiting builds character, or something like that. Really though. Waiting will help to bear that delicious fruit, whereas picking that fruit off when it’s still growing makes for some nasty apple pie.And who, in their right mind, is going to waste precious calories on gross apple pie? Not I.

It’s actually good to wait. God helps us to do it. God cares for us while we wait. What can be better than that?

So, as you all are praying for my patience to not yell at the mailman when he comes, yet again, empty handed, I’ll be praying for you too. I’ll pray for lives where we can discover the greatness and wholeness of waiting together, of waiting alone, and of not knowing what we’re waiting for.

**Also, someone was thinking it, so I’ll explain myself.. Why doesn’t she have Prime? The answer, my observant friend, is that I do, but wasn’t in the mood to spend the extra ten dollars to purchase a Prime book. Also, I like to build my character in waiting. Kidding.

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