Originally posted on the UMC Lent Madness blog

One of the things I pride myself on is being a workaholic. This, to me, means I work quickly and until the job is done. Like an avid reader, I page through what I have to do in order to be able to check it off my checklist. Boredom is the worst in my eyes, seen as a means similar to putting on the brakes while biking uphill. It kills the momentum.

For me, I work so much and so hard because I enjoy it. I love filling out forms or sending emails or even writing papers in school.Being organized and on top of things brings me joy, something Netflix or constant laziness can’t bring.

This is why Sabbath is tough for me. Being busy keeps me feeling good and under control, so that day off is a challenge. Now, I have no problem being lazy, but this is only when my life is in a state of control.

“Sabbath is the day when my work is complete, even when it’s not”

-Rob Bell

In my crazy, fast-moving, heavily speeding mind, my work is never complete. Sure, there’s a check mark symbolizing a job well done, but with each check mark, there is a new one that gets added. Perhaps my recovering perfectionist qualities are creeping in on my ability to relax, it’s hard to say. However, more and more, I’m seeing the importance of celebrating my own Sabbath.

I don’t think I’m at that level yet where I can wake up one morning and tell myself I’m not doing anything today. Maybe one of these days, but it’ll take some practice. In the mean time, it’s been an afternoon or evening, or an early morning of practicing Sabbath. It’s been falling back asleep mid-day to leaving work a little early to reading a couple chapters of my new favorite book, Searching for Sunday. These small acts of relaxation and ‘unplugging’ have been so helpful in educating myself what Sabbath is supposed to be like in my life.

Whether it’s a cool yoga class, waking up with no alarm, or spending dinner with loved ones, I hope you can find your own Sabbath, a time where you can simply be.

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