Let’s Have Church

This morning, I went to church. There was a thoughtful sermon, full of simple yet compelling ways to apply the Bible to our lives. Worship was exciting and joyful. We celebrated communion. I was able to fellowship with some of my close friends in our congregation.

Following the service, I went to the gym for a quick run. On my way back home, I drove up to a car crash in the middle of the road, a road right next to Saint John, where I had just worshipped. Police cars were helping to clear things and help those involved. As I slowly made my way past the scene, I see a man on the side of the road by the Saint John property. He was waving his hands at the cars headed to the crash, getting their attention and giving them a slow-down gesture. That man is my pastor. I’m sure he wasn’t required to be there, and I’m sure he would have been glad to get home to his family after working the entire morning. But there he stood, arms waving, attempting to stop further accidents from occurring. I was witnessing church at its finest.

I think Sunday morning worship is church, don’t get me wrong. But if we think about it, church goes way beyond sermons and songs. Church is learning how to be more like Jesus, then doing it. Church is fighting for what we stand for, finding joy in life, and helping others.

How can you and I, the body of Christ, have church today?

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