Post-First Day Seminarian Musings

So today was the day guys. The first day of seminary at BU School of Theology has passed. The good news, I survived. The busy news; lots to process! So what better way to begin to unpack it all than to write? I can’t think of any. So here it is, the fun, the deep, and the overwhelming-enjoy!

  • I thought I might have grown out of it, but apparently there’s still a desire for me to get up early and dress up for my first day!
  • There’s no need for me to ever eat breakfast at home again. Free food is everywhere.
  • You know you’ve made it when you can walk to class without a map.
  • STH=beloved community
  • 3 O’s to community: Opt to build, offer critique without attack, open doors
  • I joined the choir. Also, I’m tone deaf.
  • Said tone deaf individual sang for chapel after learning a new piece in 7-ish minutes.
  • Rev. Dr. Teddy Hickman-Maynard rocked Marsh Chapel with a fantastic sermon!
  • First day of school pictures aren’t just for Kindergarteners. STH took ours as well, complete with backpacks and dazed faces!
  • How many times can I ask someone what degree program they are in?
  • Oddly, I miss it when someone asks me my major and I respond with “Elementary Ed, but I want to be a pastor”. Mdiv is significantly boring-er.
  • Half the time I told professors I was from Alaska, I heard “oh, do you know Nico? He is a recent grad of STH”. When I say yes though, my street cred goes through the roof.
  • Only 2 Sarah Palin jokes.
  • When class starts with a prayer ritual, my heart gets strangely warmed.
  • Also, the rest of my body is also warm 24/7, considering air conditioning can’t fix the great, hot outdoors of a Boston summer.
  • I get to take a class on spirituality and leadership with Bishop in Residence, Susan Hassinger, who told us we could call her Susan.
  • Societal context has become part of my vocabulary.
  • I’m thankful for my mentors, who were constantly brought to mind when discussing good spiritual leaders.
  • Somebody asked me why I believe what I believe. That was cool.
  • I not only have 5,000 books I have to read, but I have about 10,000 more that I want to read!
  • Pack food if you’re going to be in class from 9-6.
  • Nothing is more satisfying than walking back home after nothing dramatically earth-shattering happened on your first day of seminary.
  • Except, when your fellow penthouse resider makes you a PB&J.
  • Amazon needs to give me commission… textbooks on textbooks.
  • I learned how to corkscrew open my first wine bottle.
  • Finally settling down to blog, only to realize that I need to pack my backpack for new classes.
  • Tomorrow, I get to do this all over again!

It’s been real, guys. Thanks for reading.

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