How Do You Know?

Yesterday, I needed to go across town, so I called an Uber. As I got in my car, I greeted my driver, and waited to see if he was going to want to talk to me or stay quiet for the remainder of the drive.

A few minutes in, he asked me where I went to school, the normal question I receive from drivers. When I told him I went to Theology School, and was studying to be a pastor, he was excited to figure out I was a Christian too. I laughed, and confirmed his suspicion.

So, how do you know?” asked the man.

“…How do I know what, exactly?” I replied.

He wanted to know how I knew I was called to ministry. Well, he’s somewhat churched, so I can’t scare him off too much, I thought.

“Well, when I was in undergrad, the pastor at my home church made me preach one Sunday, and despite my fear of public speaking, I felt God telling me that it was what I was supposed to do.” I answered carefully, then allowed him to respond.

He turned, looked back at me, and fell silent for a brief minute, before answering, “me too”.

I asked him to explain what he meant.

“I was asked to speak at my church  once, and every time since then, I always get a message so quickly, and feel like I’m doing something that means something every time I preach. I just didn’t know that could be my call.

As he pulled up to my destination, he turned and spoke to me.

“Thank you. Thank you for telling your story. It helped me to see mine.”

Here’s your friendly reminder to share your story, friends! You never know who needs to hear it.


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