God of Us All: A Prayer for We Who Are Left Out

God of Us All: A Prayer for We Who Are Left Out
God of us all…the friends, the neighbors, the strangers,
You pave our way toward knowing your truth.
Guide us to the new life you have in store for us.
God of us all… the lonely, the wandering, the lost,
You seek us fully, like the prodigal son or the lost sheep.
Allow us to see you and meet you where we are.
God of us all…the queer, the migrant, the marginalized,
Your justice reigns, even where injustice takes the vote.
May we see you in the protests, the civil disobedience, and the outcry, your love a sign of our hope.
God of us all…the Easter people,
You have proven that with you, death is not the final answer.
Restore us, that we might see our own resurrection, revealed through the story of Jesus.
God of us all…beloved children of You,
Protect us, equip us, and send us to do your will this season.
In your renewing name we pray, Amen.

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