Bailey Brawner (she/her/hers)

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You can connect with me on the internet here to learn more about me, see pictures of my adorable fur-baby, or to see what pop culture icons I’m spending too much time obsessing over.

In this section though, I wanted to share some things about myself that I believe, things you probably won’t see while scrolling through a feed.

  • I believe you should never feel guilty for things that bring you joy.
  • I believe God shows up in bars and coffee shops, just as much (if not more) than sanctuaries.
  • I believe our humanity is of sacred worth, and should be treated as nothing less than that.
  • I believe in grace, grace that is both undeserved and a gift we never need to earn.
  • I believe faith is lived out by the things we do, not the liturgies we recite on Sunday mornings.
  • I believe trauma is when we undervalue or deny someone their humanity.
  • I believe we vote with our wallets.
  • I believe in asking who can be hurt by the ways we talk about God, and I believe in expanding our language to make it hurt a little bit less for someone.
  • I believe faith is active, an invitation to speak out about who God created you to be.
  • I believe there is space for everyone at the table, but we often create the table to be too small.
  • I believe church should be the place we don’t need to negotiate who we are, and when it’s the place we need to defend parts of ourselves, it’s no longer church.
  • I believe the Bible is full of stories of imperfect people doing their best, and through these people, we get to see ourselves in the sacred texts.
  • I believe that personal growth is the new comfortable.
  • I believe love is both a feeling and a choice.
  • I believe that my story, your story, our story matters, and that stories are sacred.
  • I believe in the power of small moments of resistance in limiting systems.

I’d love to connect and hear about what you believe! Thanks for reading.


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